My First Wedding: Fighting the Fear + Learning to Fly

September 3, 2013

Every year as September approaches and the date of September 3 comes. I can’t help but smile and be thankful. This is the date of my very first wedding I shot. Matt and Amanda Stang entrusted this very special day to my eyes and my camera as I took on the role as wedding photographer for the first time. It is moments like this where God rocks your socks and places people in your life that believe in you more than you believe in yourself. While, unfortunately, these people are few and far between, when they come along they can open a brand new path in your life that you had never seen.

Amanda went to college at Anderson University (as did I) and Matt put a shiny ring on her finger when I was in Grad School on the north side of Indianapolis. She called me the day after he got down on one knee and asked for her to be his forever. She asked if I would be her wedding photographer. She was on cloud nine and I was in a panic!

My simple response was, “ok, take a moment and breathe and let it all sink in. When you come to the time you are actually ready to look at photographers, we will chat.” All of that said in my insecurities, I turned her down three times before I accepted the task. I did not say no because I did not want to start weddings, no not at all. Weddings had been at the top of my mind but behind that desire accompanied a whole lot of fear. I feared I would fail. I feared I would “mess up” the most important day of someone’s life. I feared I would not meet their expectations. I feared it all. Sadly (or is it sadly? maybe thankfully?), it took someone believing in me more than I believed in myself to jump and let myself fly. Yes, mistakes are part of the game, but without practically being pushed out of the nest to fly, I would not have had the honor of shooting my latest wedding for Mr. and Mrs. Korte and things like Leighton’s delivery would not have ever been something my lens would have captured. Amazing how much impact someone has on your life with a little bit of faith and trust.

Ohio Wedding Photography

Once again, Amanda, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me more than I believed in myself and still being my number one fan. I owe you girl. XoXo

For a look at their wedding, click here 🙂

Until next time…
-kortni marie

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