The Light that Shines

February 7, 2013

Sue Bryce

What is your goal every day when your feet hit the ground? What is your purpose for the day? While it may not be at the top of your mind as your try to clear the clouds that fog your mind at what you deem as “way too early to be functioning,” it is in your core, in the purpose of each step you take and each word you breath to life.

When my feet hit the shag rug that lines the floor of my bedroom each morning, deep in my heart, behind the all of the weeds, my heart screams to serve the Lord my God with all of my heart and to serve those who I live and work along side, as well as the person who sits across the local coffee shop gazing into the abyss.

Sue Bryce, an Australian Photographer, came into my view a couple of weeks ago with a story that shook me to my core. My heart was ready to break out of my chest screaming, “THIS IS IT! THIS IS WHAT MY SOUL CRAVES!” If I have ever felt a pull in my life, it was in that very moment, sitting in my cube that is a few decades behind on the upgrade. My heart was breaking, but my soul was empowered. Dozens of views later (I have a slight addiction to the repeat button), I still could not peel my eyes from the screen or mask what was pouring from my heart. To tell the stories of the lives of those around you? Wow. What an honor. This is the meaning of life, this, right here. Nothing else mattered in that moment. Watching Jill’s smile as she danced through the streets of Paris and redefined beauty may just be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. This is the longing of my heart; to be a part of something so pure and beautiful, to tell the story of someones heart to be heard by thousands of ears and felt by thousands of hearts. This is what real life is.

Take a moment. Listen to Jill’s story. Soak up the beauty. Share.

Sue, you have a heart of gold. You have my eyes and ears.

Until next time…
-kortni marie

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