Celebrate the Little things

October 31, 2012
I smiled as my heart broke. I had the privilege to photograph trick-or-treating at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital for the kido’s that couldn’t be running free in the streets gathering goodies with the rest of their community. I watched child after child turn the corners with smiles that could light the world on fire. They were (of course) dressed to the nine in everything from a disney princess to Waldo. They were filled with joy, overflowing and delighted to feel so loved. Many children were accompanied by their parents, who shared in the excitement of the afternoon. 
In seeing such a simple celebration of life, I have been continually bashed in the faced, knocked on my can, poked in the eye, and had my piggy toe stepped on. WHY DO I TAKE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS IN LIFE FOR GRANTED!? I fill my schedule from the first blink of my eye until the moment I throw my (almost) lifeless body into bed to do it all over again. Instead, to take a moment to soak up the beauty and the joy that is in every moment. Every day has beauty. Sometimes, we just have to open our eyes to truly see it.
Seeing this proud mama [in the photo below] hold her sick little baby and find joy in being rolled around the hospital only to receive piles of candy from strangers, was the most beautiful sight. She was so proud to hold her little girl and call her their own. No matter what, that little girl is loved. I had my Halloweens of being a pumpkin, a Hersey Kiss, a scarecrow, and the list goes on. I didn’t blink. I felt as though I deserved it. I deserved a costume and feet that had the ability to take me from street to street. Annnnnnnd you better bet, I deserved to hit the jackpot at that one house that had the king size candy bars in their bucket. Sometimes I want to give my face a little kick for my sheer stupidity.
With that, don’t take the little things for granted. Know that nights like tonight are a blessing. And if I have the privilege someday of watching my own children run from house to house in their home made costumes, then I am a lucky, lucky girl.
Celebrate the little things.

Until next time…
-kortni marie

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