DIY I Wall Decor

August 30, 2012

I have been preparing for this wall since the day we moved in. The preparation and anticipation was almost killing me, then… the day came… hanging day. As many can validate, I was pretty freaking psyched about it!

Empty frames I had been gathering from garage sales, Goodwill, random neighbors, and my old collection, painted the grey of my newly finished dressers (listed in my last DIY blog) completed the wall above my bed. The ceilings look taller than ever and you eyes just light up when you take a peek into my bedroom.

A dear friend and talented artist, Annmarie (owner of Phos Design) was the helping hand that put this DIY into reality. She could also give you a deep meaning of why she believes that this open frame wall is perfect for me, my personality, and just the way I function… you should ask her some time…

WARNING: This is not a single man job, a minimum of two people is needed.

Success at its finest.

At the close we pulled up chairs and just took in the awe of our hard work. The view was glorious.

Thanks to a great friend who helped make this image in my head a reality of a DIY. Thank you Annmarie!

Until next time

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