June I Instagram

July 6, 2012
June, you were a good month. A month full of sleep deprivation, but a good month to say the least. Take a peak at the photo version of June in all its glory.
. The ever ending rain (Hurricane Debbie came to play) . Moved into a new, temporary apartment . Busch Gardens . Hanging out with Phos owner, AnnMarie . New Work out view (trying to keep the fitness going) . Charlie’s 5th Birthday party at none other than Chuck E Cheese . Pretending that I was a character on Sex and the City .  Father’s Day . New bathroom towels . Packing for Indiana . Airports . My Indiana room . Downtown Indianapolis . Sunday Mornings . Golf . Walks with the dogs . Manicures and Pedicures with my mom . Zoo visit . More airports . Travel . Happy Fridays . Cupcake treats . Inspiration . Miami weekend . View of Miami .
I had fun just briefly reminiscing those moments. Now, the bigger question, what did your month look like?

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