Blessed Weekend

May 14, 2012
This weekend I spend an amazing three days (really like 2.25, but three sounds better) in Indiana. I hadn’t slept all week prior with the excitement building up in me and was over joyed getting ready Friday morning to head into work. After a short two hour work day, a friend, who I am very thankful for, picked my jittery self up from work and drove me to the airport to catch a series of flights that put me into Indianapolis. (The photo of Indiana from the sky (the middle one) makes me think of the song “fly over states,” people just don’t know what they are missing in those corn fields.) Practically running off of the airplane before my scheduled landing time of 3:00pm I was greeted with hugs and squeals from my ecstatic mother. It felt wonderful to be back in Indiana for a weekend filled with many more hugs to come.
 I spent an hour riding around town with my mom and little brother talking, laughing, and holding my brother’s adorable new puppy, Oakley (photos to come). I even got to take a sneak peak at his new crib come his Sophomore year of college.  After an almost tearful goodbye I headed to the country to celebrate the wedding of two beautiful friends, Kelsy and Jonathan (now) Tapp. Hugs and squeals and joy overcame the air when we were all reunited for the first time in many months. Friday was a glorious reunion and Saturday was only better, getting our glam on and watching Kelsy marry her best friend left me and many others in tears throughout the day. Waterproof mascara should have been demanded! I was a hot mess throughout the day! Ha. Go figure!
To top off the whole weekend, I got to see two of my high school friends aaannnndddd spend Mother’s Day with my very own mama. From morning coffee, to Sunday gourmet meal, to rolling around in the grass in the back yard with the dogs, it was a perfectly wonderful day.
While the weekend was filled with countless tears and the goodbye’s seem to get harder and harder, the weekend brought pure joy to my heart. I am thankful for all and am blessed that God placed them all so perfectly in my life.
Now after landing at an absurd hour Sunday night/Monday morning, I am running on empty here in Tampa, but can’t help but look back and smile. What a great weekend I was given. I wouldn’t change a thing…

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