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April 5, 2012

Ready. Blink. And done. 

That was the month of March in a wrap. It was filled with amazing moments and amazing people, but a blur it was. I think I have officially been sleep deprived for an entire month, but boy was it fun.
March included:
Officially settling into my new job with BayCare Health System & receiving my first paycheck
Experiencing my first official Florida Strawberry Festival
Becoming an official Floridian by getting my FL driver’s license
Going to my first Hockey Game to watch the Lightening (Lower level seats and free!)
My family coming to visit
A college friend coming to stay
Yankees vs. Red Socks Spring Training Game
My 24th Birthday
Purchasing my first beach floppy hat since beach days will be a regular habit
Beach days, fun days, family days
Getting soaked in my first Florida “it’s sunny outside, but now it’s going to down pour” rain
High school friend visit day X2 (my heart was so happy)

You can’t tell me that isn’t a wonderful month with a pretty little bow on top. I am one lucky girl and blessed beyond belief. I am welcoming the month of April with arms wide open. God has blown my mind with the path He has put me on. It is beyond my wildest dreams. I thank Him daily for where He has placed me despite the trials I had to overcome to get here. And I tell people around me on the regular … “Have I told you recently how much I love Florida???”
Until next time my friends…

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