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December 28, 2011

Two years ago today…
I left for a two week extravaganza to Italy and its most popular cities. We flew out of Indianapolis, made our connecting flight, and made the ten plus hour plane ride into the beautiful city of Rome. Traveling ignites the most amazing passions within me. The lack of sleep, various languages, knowing that you are completely lost in a city that is thousands of miles from home all give me such a high. Being lost and making each step up as you go is probably my favorite part. You get to explore the cities and the culture in a completely different way and discover crooks and crannies that are off the beaten path that you would never discover as a typical ‘tourist.’ I get the travel itch regularly throughout each year. Reminiscing this trip only makes me want to step on a plane and start a great adventure. So here is a small trip down memory lane and I sit in a near by Starbucks and secretly wish I was instead, in a cafe that lines the streets of Florence.

 We landed and made our first stop at the Trevi fountain to make our wish…
 Stepping out of the underground this is what our eyes were cast upon…
 Waiting in line to enter the Vatican (the line was longer than anything I had ever seen) & this was our entertainment… go figure 😉
From the roof overseeing the Vatican City…
 And then night was upon us….
 The ruins of Pompeii
 Mountain top that the most beautiful monastery stood
 The Sistine Chapel
 In a cafe over looking the center of Florence.
Wine and treats in Florence as the rain continues to come.
My eyes are filled with images of places that I may never see again in my lifetime, but I will never forget. I look forward to my next journey and I am anxiously awaiting the day I board the plane that serves as a doorway to my next stop.

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