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December 12, 2011

Last week I took the time to be a little crafty & it was wonderful. I love creating. I have had the idea and supplies to accomplish all of this for quite some time, but hadn’t found the time to start. Motivation kicked in and the product is now complete!

Isn’t it beautiful? I truly do love how it has turned out. I have debated painting the tips of the flowers. Let me know your opinion.

It was a simple project. I found a Crate and Barrel original vase with the tag still on it from Salvation Army for $1.50, a bag of small foam balls and small dowel rods from Michaels, and your standard box of Q-tip brand Q-tips (so the stick is not plastic). That’s it!

Starting off, the Q-tips need to be cut in half. No need to be crazy with the exact measurement, it won’t matter. Simply eyeball the middle and cut away. After a nice pile has built up you can start sticking the half Q-tips in to the middle of the foam ball. Follow the circular motion of the ball and make one complete circle of Q-tips around the foam ball. When you have made your way back to the start, simply start the next row. You can place the Q-tips as close or far away from each other as you desire. I made two of the three more compact and full and let one be more air-y simply for variation purposes, but that’s your call! When you have completely filled a foam ball with Q-tips, you may place your small dowel rod at one end to create your stem.

(Here is a closer view of my completed product)

Such a simple project that adds a unique touch to your home. It is both inexpensive and a one of a kind decorative piece to display at your home. You won’t get the “did you get this at Target?” question when people walk though your front door. So take the time to create and add special touches to your home.


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