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      1. Hello, welcome to visit the website of Feicheng Yutian Chemical Co., LTD. Service hotline: +86 13375481888


            Feicheng Yutian Chemical Co., Ltd is located at the west foot of Mount Tai,  the beautiful "hometown of peaches" in  Feicheng City,Shandong, China.Yutian company adopts scientific and novel production formula, advanced and reasonable production technology, modern standard and highly automated production equipment, advanced and complete central control analysis and product testing instruments. It is a fine chemical enterprise integrating R&D【more】

        YU TIAN

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        Performance and application of hydroxyethyl cellulose

        This product is white or slightly yellow odorless, tasteless and easy to flow powder,40 mesh screening rate ≥99%; Softening temperature :135-140℃; Expression density :0.35-0.61g/ml; Decomposition temperature :205-210℃;

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        Physicochemical properties of hydroxypropyl methyl cell

        This PRODUCT IS INDUSTRIAL GRADE HPMC, mainly used for the production of polyvinyl chloride dispersant, suspension polymerization PVC preparation of the main additives. In addition, in other petrochemical, coatings, building materials, paint removal agent, agricultural chemicals, printing ink, textile printing and dyeing, ceramics, paper, cosmetics and other products as thickening agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, vehicle, water retaining agent, film forming agent.

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        Carboxymethyl cellulose product use introduction

        Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is non-toxic tasteless white flocculent powder, stable performance, easy to dissolve in water, its aqueous solution is neutral or alkaline transparent viscous liquid, soluble in other water-soluble glue and resin, insoluble in ethanol and other organic solvents. CMC can be used as adhesive, thickening agent, suspension agent, emulsifier, dispersant, stabilizer, sizing agent, etc.

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        Polyanionic cellulose (PAC) product model, quality

        PAC, divided into high viscosity (HV) and low viscosity (LV) two kinds, - can be used as thickener, rheological control agent, adhesive, stabilizer, protective colloid, suspension agent and water retention agent; In the petroleum exploitation industry, PAC is a good drilling mud treatment agent and preparation of completion fluid material, high slurry rate, salt and calcium resistance.

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